by Sid

It’s yet another Magical Monday today and I’m excited to make my first today! For now, I’ll be posting a new word that I learn each day, my initial thoughts on the word, the official defition, and how I would use the word in a sentence.

Table of contents:

Initial inference

I break the word down into smaller chunks: ag-grand-ize. We can see that “ize,” the end of the word, is a a verb-forming suffix. Since part of the contains “grand,” I infer the meaning of this word to be:

To make something seem larger or to exaggerate something.

Definition and Pronunciation

verb | uh-GRAN-dyze

  1. to make great or greater : increase, enlarge

  2. to make appear great or greater : praise highly
  3. to enhance the power, wealth, position, or reputation of

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

Over a span of ten years Joseph earned billions of dollars from his business and now it was time to aggrandize his offices.


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