by Sid

So today was a really busy day—same old work all day until evening, then attend class for another three and a half hours, and then in spite of curfew starting at seven at night, I decided to bike at ten and then come home!

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Initial inference

Looking at the ending, “tion,” this word seems like a noun. After breaking this word into pieces such as com-punc-tion, I get reminded of the word “puncture” from the middle word. Maybe this word means:

A serious drain of something.

Definition and Pronunciation

noun | kum-PUNK-shun

  1. a) anxiety arising from awareness of guilt

    b) distress of mind over an anticipated action or result

  2. a twinge of misgiving : scruple

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

So last month I ended up spending about thirteen hundred dollars shopping for items online with no compunction at all, and now I regret that because I have no money left at all.


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