by Sid

Today was so exciting! I had the first day of my internship this summer at ITHAKA! It’s great being back and seeing all the familiar faces! The new interns are all just as exited as I am to start working on their teams.

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Initial inference

Based on the ending of the word, “guous,” this word is an adjective. Let’s break this word down as exi-guous to see that the first part is similar to “extra” or “exaggerate,” so I feel like the meaning of this word is:

Being in a large quantity.

Definition and Pronunciation

adjective | ig-ZIG-yuh-wus

  1. excessively scanty : inadequate

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

That phone got an exiguous amount of power because it was being charged with that infinitesimal power bank.


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