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Today actually was a really slow day. I ended up basically binging a show till early morning and then slept super late at around six in the morning so I woke up at noon and basically ended up coding a bit, watching a TV show, and biking!

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Initial inference

This word doesn’t seem to have any special ending so I’m presuming that it’s just a noun. As for the actual meaning, if we set into context this word and maybe use some prior experience, such as me hearing about a “wide color gamut” before in the realm of technology, then I’m guessing the meaning of this word is:

A range.

Definition and Pronunciation

noun | GAM-ut

  1. the whole series of recognized musical notes

  2. an entire range or series

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

The new monitors that are entering the tech market are enhanced with a wide color gamut and have a sense of realistic colors with fascinatingly great resolution!


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