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Here’s to a stormy day with heavy rain and higher temperatures! Yes, it’s been pouring in Michigan—not just rain but there was also snow today! Can you imagine there being snow in the middle of summer season?!

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Initial inference

Just looking at the word’s ending, “gueur,” and the entire word itself, I am sensing it’s just a noun. As for it’s meaning, breaking down the word wouldn’t really help much, but all I can just tell by looking at it is that it seems similar to the word “longer.” It’s meaning, then, I would say is also similar:

Something that is awfully long.

Definition and Pronunciation

noun | lawn-GUR

  1. a dull and tedious passage or section (as of a book, play, or musical composition) — usually used in plural

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

Bollywood movies as well as Indian TV shows are filled with really unnecessary longueurs as usual.


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