by Sid

Over the last few days, everything that’s been happening around the nation has really helped everyone come together and fight for justice for all the innocent killings of black people in the past. It’s really been hard for all of us.

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Initial inference

The ending, “my,” of the word, suggests that it is an adjective. As for the root of the word, palm-y, maybe since we feed off our “palms,” work with our “palms,” this word has the meaning:

Successful, hard-working.

Definition and Pronunciation

adjective | PAH-mee

  1. marked by prosperity : flourishing

  2. abounding in or bearing palms

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

Throwback to the palmy days of the world when there once used to be at least some peace, and now with the outbreak of a pandemic, everything has become chaotic!


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