by Sid

Although it wasn’t cold today, I’m still complaining about how there was pouring rain today. While the weather was a bit on the duller side, I managed to get quite a bit of programming work done just sitting at home all day!

Table of contents:

Initial inference

Starting with the ending of the word, “ence,” we can say that the word is a noun. Breaking the word down into pieces such as re-ful-gence, we can see that the middle piece is similar to the word “full.” Something along the lines of that, I think that the meaning is:

Sense of wholesomeness or completeness.

Definition and Pronunciation

noun | rih-FULL-junss

  1. a radiant or resplendent quality or state : brilliance

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

Michigan’s weather this summer has been a mix of refulgence and somberness.


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