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Oh what a bright Monday and I’m ready to work today! I’ve actually been doing great at my internship and have been having fun with the work! Although I would definitely want to rest more, it’s nice being busy!

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Initial inference

Looking at the ending, “tion,” this word seems like a noun. As for the meaning of the word itelf, say we were to break it down as stic-tion, then we would see that the first part would be close to the word “stick,” hence meaning:

The act of sticking together.

Definition and Pronunciation

noun | STIK-shun

  1. the force required to cause one body in contact with another to begin to move

Example usage

I would use the word in a sentence as follows:

The stiction of my hands on the rope while I was tugging on the rope with the dearest of my strength left these really burning streaks that continued to hurt my palms for the rest of the week.


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